When you come back

Hi guys!

Adding another poem to the list. Hope you like it 😊

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The Waiting


Oh Dear,

why do you say?

when you dont mean.

the words, my heart;

wants you to speak

its a barren land,

waiting so long

for it to rain in words

and for someone to write a love-song.



Hey Guys!

Hi Beautiful people,

So, I am going to start a new something on my blog. You could call it the phases of love or the seasons of love:

Spring (The Falling), Summer(The love and the waiting), Autumn (The departure and the torture) and finally, Winter (the heartbreak, Mourning and the healing).

And I would write the emotions one goes through while being in it. Other than that random posts whatever crosses my mind. Please like or share if you love my posts or can relate to them.

lots of love ❤ ❤